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The Internet has brought unprecedented freedom and convenience to daily life. As Web use continues to spread, however, new dangers have also surfaced. A prime example is the exploitation of personal information such as citizen registration, credit card and phone numbers by unauthorized users.
SF will do its best to protect members' privacy and personal information. To that end, SF is implementing a security policy on personal information under regulations on personal information security of the Promotion Act for Use in Information and Communication Networks and Personal Information Security Rules as set by the Information and Communication Ministry. This policy specifies the range, purpose and method for personal information use collected by SF for its Web services. The policy is posted on the SF homepage for easy access, and is subject to frequent changes according to related laws, government acts and SF internal policy.

1. Rules for collecting personal information
- SF collects information in accordance with the following basic rules for the purpose of protecting a member's personal information and providing appropriate service.
- SF requests minimum information to enable users to use the service effectively.
- Only members can directly input, edit or delete their personal information.
- SF in principle will not disclose a member's personal information but reserves the right to reveal such data in exceptional cases (legal request from the government, etc.).
- SF asks for minimum information to prevent a member's personal information from commercial or political abuse or privacy infringement.

2. Requested personal information
A member shall input the following items on the registration page to use the various community services provided by SF.
All items other than those listed below are optional.
SF will not deny basic service even if the user does not input optional items.

- ID
- Password
- Real name
- Citizen registration number
- Date of birth
- Email address

SF does not collect personal information on the following categories that may infringe on a user's basic human rights:
- Race or nationality
- Thought or faith
- Place of birth or registration
- Political views or criminal record
- Health or sexual orientation

3. Agreement on collection of personal information and method
A person may register by clicking [Agree] or [Disagree] on the SF Terms of Service and Security Policy for Personal Information.
If you click [Agree], we will store your inputted personal information after you agree to allow SF to do so.

4. Collection of personal information and purpose of use
SF will use the personal information of members as follows:
- Service use agreement with member and execution of agreement
- Provision of community services
- Provision of other new services or event-related information

5. Other uses and sharing data with third party
SF will not share personal information without a member's consent except in the following cases:
- Special instances involving regulations in laws such as the Act for Finance Real Name Transactions and Security, the Act for the Use and Safety of Credit Information, the Electricity and Communication Act, the Electricity and Communication Management Act, local tax law, the Consumer Reservation Law, the Law of the Bank of Korea, the Criminal Procedure Code, etc.
- A member owes service charges
- Use in statistical, scientific or market research to provide information by which certain individuals cannot be distinguished (for example, the number of Busan women residents in their 20s, etc.)
- Need for SF to share personal information with a partner company for the execution of the latter's services such as product delivery, etc. SF will first ask permission of the member in that case.

6. Reading, amendment and update of personal information and termination
SF members may read, amend and update their personal information at any time.
Members may edit their personal information by clicking [Member Info Change] on each service page of the SF Web site. A member can also ask the site administrator to change his or her personal data via e-mail.
A person may also terminate membership on the [Membership Termination] menu of each service page.

7. Measures to protect personal information
SF uses the following technical measures to protect personal information:
- Security device using a password
- Computer virus prevention device using a vaccine program
- Security device that safely transmits personal information using a code algorithm
- System and access control device that prevents infringement such as hacking
- Other technical safety devices

SF also implements the following managerial measures:

- Establishment and practice of access and management process for personal information
- User designation of a personal information processing system and periodic password change
- Designation of a minimal number of personal information administrators
The above notwithstanding, each member's personal information is basically secure through ID and password.
Only a member can manage his or her password and is liable for maintaining the confidentiality of the password according to the Terms of Service.
The ID and password should consist of letters and numbers and not use a member's number for citizen registration, phone or other information frequently used or requested.
Also, frequent changes of the password are recommended.
For shared computers, a member should always log out and close the Web browser after use. If a member does not correctly log out, his or her personal information may remain in the temporary storage space of the Web browser.
SF will do its best to protect personal information, but is not liable for any damage incurred to a member caused by leakage of ID and password or by an Internet problem if the member is at fault.

8. Maintenance and period of use on personal information
SF retains a member's registered information until termination in order to provide services.
Even if a member terminates membership, SF may continue to retain personal information for a needed period in the event of exceptional regulations under relevant laws, if SF has an agreement with the user or if SF gives prior notice to the member. Lawsuits, disputes, payment for transactions and completion of delivery are examples of exceptions. Reading and use of personal information during this period will be restricted due to those reasons.
If SF needs to retain a member's personal information after termination, SF will give due notice to the member.
SF immediately deletes personal information via methods making it impossible to retrieve the data.

9. Use of cookies
Cookies are bits of information transmitted to a user's computer by the server of a Web service provider. They contain information on which sites were visited and other personal information. Cookies distinguish between the Web browsers of user computers but not those of individual users. Users may select various options on cookies by using the option menu of their Web browser.
SF utilizes cookies in the certification process and in the creation of more convenient services. SF also does its best to provide the best service through cookies in order to understand the scope, frequency of use and interests of members.

10. Other information
SF strives to provide a sound and friendly Internet site. For this purpose, SF may monitor community activities and post information and related materials to prevent postings or behavior deemed harmful to public morals, manners or other members.
SF requires permission from parents or legal guardian for registration of minors under age 14. SF specifies that minors under age 14 need clear permission from a legal guardian before using any SF services. A legal guardian may request reading, amendment and withdrawal of any agreement on personal information pertaining to such a minor.
SF takes necessary measures for such requests. Furthermore, only a SF employee who is empowered with the right of management can access a member's personal information.

11. Site administrator(s) for personal information
SF has designated the following person(s) as site administrator(s) to manage and collect personal information and handle complaints.

- Name: Young Hwan HWANG
- Title: SFi System Team Leader
Please direct questions on personal information to (02) 781-8584

12. Complaints related to personal information and dispute resolution
Please refer to the above contact info or the Personal Information Infringement Report Center (http://www.cyberprivacy.co.kr; phone 02-1336), (PC communication: go eprivacy) operated by the government for questions on personal information or to file complaints.
Please refer to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee at the Korea Information Security Agency in case of any dispute over personal information.
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